• Robert Bernstock Embraces Business Changes

  • Posted on December 15, 2016
  • His long-term business career has featured leadership positions with many different companies, which may be why Robert Bernstock has been so often recommended for such business skills as leadership, negotiation, organizational development and, of course, change management, which Bob believes is a critical aspect of any business. As Bob Bernstock sees things, the ability to make the best of changes that occur is how businesses stay relevant, by keeping them more efficient and profitable.

    His experience is significant, especially in recent years. Ever since January of 2014, Robert Bernstock has served several key roles in several companies. He is the CEO and chairman of USCI Company and he is also the president and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC. If that’s not enough, he has also been a prominent consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, which is a leading marketer of landscaping and pet products nationwide. It is believed that his wide range of experience is why Bob Bernstock is so frequently chosen to serve on so many Boards for public and private companies. He has a good track record.

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